РHello, interior design friends! This time we will discuss stunning small kitchen ideas for modern apartments. Even though it is small, the kitchen can still be designed with maximum style and functionality. So, never give up on your small kitchen, OK!
So, here are 10 small kitchen ideas that you can apply in a modern apartment. Who knows, one of them could be an inspiration for turning your narrow kitchen Modern into a beautiful and comfortable room to use. Come on, let’s look at them one by one!


1. Take advantage of the walls with hanging shelves

When you face space limitations in the kitchen, using walls with hanging shelves is the right solution. Hanging shelves can be maximized to store various cooking utensils, kitchen spices, or even to display beautiful plates and glasses.

Thus, not only does it save valuable space in your kitchen, but it also creates an opportunity to add interesting and cool decorative elements to the design of your cooking space. By combining practical function and attractive aesthetics, the use of hanging shelves is a wise choice for designing an efficient and visually attractive kitchen.

2. Choose a hanging cupboard with a minimalist design

Hanging cupboards are an important piece of furniture that should not be absent from the kitchen, even in small kitchens. Choosing a hanging cupboard with a minimalist and simple design is very important to prevent the impression of a narrower room. By choosing a simple design, the visual space in the kitchen is maintained, giving the impression of being spacious and organized.

In particular, hanging cupboards with glass doors can be a very appropriate choice, because apart from providing an open and spacious visual impression, they also allow the arrangement of kitchen items to be seen clearly without the need to open the cupboard door. This way, even a small kitchen can feel more organized and look more spacious even with limited space.

3. Use a multifunctional kitchen

The kitchen island not only functions as a cooking area, but can also double as a comfortable dining table or even a functional work table. By choosing a kitchen island that is proportional to your kitchen, you not only create a more efficient space but also add an attractive design element.

To increase its functionality, consider adding shelves or drawers underneath for additional storage, so you can optimize your kitchen space without sacrificing style or practicality.

4. use a kitchen with an open concept

An open kitchen concept not only gives the room a spacious and airy impression, but also facilitates easy access to and from other rooms, such as the family room or dining room. With an open design, you can easily interact with family members or guests while cooking, making the space a lively and fun hub of activity.

To increase visual appeal, add elegant glass or metal dividers or partitions, which not only add to the aesthetics of the room but also maintain visual transparency between the kitchen space and other spaces, creating a sense of harmonious unity in your home’s interior design.

5. Combine Bright and Neutral Colors

The combination of bright and neutral colors has the power to create a fresh and airy atmosphere, especially in kitchen spaces that are limited in size. You can achieve this effect by combining white or cream-colored walls with lighter color accents such as blue, green, or yellow.

Thus, neutral walls will give the impression of a wider and brighter space, while bright color accents will provide a refreshing and energetic touch to the room. In addition, you can also apply these colors to kitchen furniture or other decorative elements, such as furniture, kitchen equipment, or even wall decorations, to create visual consistency and a harmonious impression throughout the kitchen space.

6. Use Multifunctional Furniture

In a small kitchen, every inch of space must be utilized to the maximum. One effective strategy is to utilize multifunctional furniture. Folding tables, bar stools or storage shelves on wheels are some examples of furniture that can help you optimize your space.

7. Optimize Natural and Artificial Lighting

Good lighting has an important role in creating a spacious and comfortable impression in the kitchen, especially in smaller rooms. One way to optimize lighting is to utilize natural lighting as much as possible. Install large enough windows or skylights on the roof to let in maximum sunlight.

This not only provides sufficient lighting, but also helps spread positive energy into the room. In addition, to enhance the lighting experience at night or during cloudy weather, use artificial lighting such as pendant lights installed above the work area, spotlights to highlight certain areas, or strip lights installed under shelves or cabinets to provide visual accents and warm atmosphere. With the right combination of natural and artificial lighting, your small kitchen can feel brighter, airier and more inviting.

8. Apply Interesting Patterns and Textures

Interesting patterns and textures can provide a dynamic visual impression, especially in limited kitchen space. One way to achieve this effect is to use geometric patterned tiles or wood textures for walls or floors. Tiles with geometric patterns such as chevron or hexagon can add additional dimension to a small space, while wood textures provide a warm and inviting natural touch.

Apart from that, you can also consider using textured wallpaper or a backsplash with a unique motif. By utilizing clever combinations of patterns and textures, you can create a small kitchen that is inviting and vibrant.

9. Take advantage of mirrors for a wider impression

Mirrors can be a great trick for making a small kitchen feel more spacious. Install a mirror on one of the kitchen walls to reflect light and give the illusion of depth to the space. When light reflects off the mirror, the kitchen space will look brighter and more open, creating a pleasant spacious feel.

Apart from that, choose a mirror with a beautiful frame to add a decorative accent that harmonizes with the interior style of your kitchen. By using mirrors smartly, you can change the kitchen atmosphere to make it brighter, more spacious and aesthetic.

10. Add Fresh Plants

Fresh plants are the perfect addition to decorate your small kitchen Modern . Not only do they provide a refreshing natural touch, but they can also improve indoor air quality.


So, those are 10 stunning small kitchen ideas for modern apartments that you can apply.

That way, your small kitchen will definitely look beautiful, comfortable, and of course make daily cooking activities easier.
So, have you found new inspiration to transform your small kitchen Modern ? Good luck and good luck!