Nature themed kitchen –  It cannot be denied that currently the Nature themed kitchen design that carries a natural theme is very popular. This concept not only gives a fresh and natural impression, but is also able to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. It’s no wonder many people are interested in applying it at home.Those of you who are planning to renovate or redesign your kitchen, might try adopting this natural theme. This theme could be the right solution for creating a kitchen that is not only functional, but also fun to use every day.So, if you are interested, in this article we will provide various natural-themed kitchen design inspirations that you can imitate. Starting from choosing suitable materials, colors, to decorative elements. Listen carefully, OK?

Nature themed kitchen design

Get to know the philosophy of a nature-themed kitchen

Before discussing the design inspiration further, it’s a good idea to first understand the philosophy behind this nature-themed kitchen concept.

Basically, kitchen design with a natural concept aims to create a calm, natural atmosphere and close to nature. This is in line with the spirit of the back to nature lifestyle which is currently trending.

Apart from that, this concept also aims to bring about a positive energy balance in the kitchen. Because we know, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that is important and often used. So, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere here is certainly very necessary.

So, to realize this philosophy, there are several key elements that are usually highlighted in nature-themed kitchen designs, including:

1. Selection of natural materials such as wood, natural stone and ceramics.

2. Use neutral and earthy colors.

3. Give it an additional touch with natural elements such as green plants, open windows, and sunlight entering the room naturally.

4. Utilization of organic and asymmetrical shapes.

5. Application of minimalist and functional concepts.

By understanding the philosophy behind this concept, it is hoped that it will be easier for you to find inspiration and develop a natural-themed kitchen design that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Inspiration for choosing natural materials

One of the main keys in designing a nature-themed kitchen is choosing natural materials. These materials will provide distinctive visual and textural effects, thereby supporting the creation of a natural atmosphere in the kitchen.

Some natural materials that you can consider include:


Wood is one of the favorite materials in nature-themed kitchen designs. Wood gives a warm, natural and organic impression which fits perfectly with this concept. You can use wood in elements such as:

  • – Kitchen cabinet
  • – The kitchen table
  • – Floor
  • – Wall
  • – Decorative accents (e.g. wall panels, shelves or window frames)

There are many types of wood that can be used, such as oak, maple, cherry, or even recycled wood. Choose what suits your style and budget.

Natural stone

Apart from wood, natural stone can also be the right material choice for a natural-themed kitchen. Some examples are granite, marble, travertine, or slate. You can apply these natural stones to:

  • – Kitchen countertops
  • – Backsplash
  • – Floor
  • – Wall
  • – Decorative elements (such as shelves or wall hangings)

The natural texture and pattern of natural stone will give a strong and natural impression to your kitchen design.


Ceramics can also be a natural material that is suitable for use. Ceramics with natural motifs or colors, such as wood, stone, or other organic motifs, will really support the natural theme in your kitchen.

Ceramics can be used on floors, walls, even backsplashes. Choose ceramics with a smooth, non-slip surface and a distinctive texture.
So, by combining these various natural materials, you can create a kitchen design that is beautiful, natural, and in line with the natural theme.

Calming Natural Colors

Apart from materials, color also plays an important role in supporting the natural theme in the kitchen. Choose neutral and earthy colors that give the impression of calm, warmth and being at one with nature.

Some natural colors that can be an inspiration include:

White and Cream

White and cream are very popular choices for nature-themed kitchens. These colors give a clean, spacious and bright impression. Combine with wood or natural stone materials to create the perfect combination.

Wood Color

Various types of wood colors, from light brown to dark, also match very well with the natural kitchen concept. These colors will give a distinctive warm and natural impression.


Gray is a neutral color that is also often used in natural kitchen designs. Gray gives an elegant and modern impression, but still feels natural.

Green and Blue

Natural colors such as green and blue can also be an option. These colors will add a fresh and calm impression to the kitchen. You can combine it with wood materials or other natural elements.

Brown and Earth

Earthy colors such as brown, tan, or beige are also very suitable. These colors will create a warm and comfortable kitchen feel.
So, by choosing the right combination of natural colors, you can make your kitchen feel more natural, cool and comfortable to use. Don’t forget to balance it with appropriate materials and decoration elements.

Adding a Touch of Nature

Apart from materials and colors, adding touches of natural elements directly will also really support the concept of a nature-themed kitchen. Some natural elements that you can consider include:

Green Plants

There is nothing more natural than the presence of green plants. You can place various types of plants in the kitchen, such as:

  • – Vines on top of cabinets or walls
  • – Plant pots placed on the table or in the corners of the kitchen
  • – Vertical garden on the wall
  • – Vines on the window

Apart from adding a fresh impression, plants can also function as odor absorbers and oxygen enhancers in the kitchen.

Windows and Natural Lighting

Natural lighting from large windows will also really support the concept of nature in the kitchen. This natural light will make the kitchen feel brighter, more spacious and integrated with the outside environment.

You can place large windows on the kitchen wall, or even make a skylight at the top. This not only provides natural lighting, but can also provide beautiful natural views.

Natural Decorative Elements

Apart from plants and windows, you can also add other natural decorative elements, such as:

  • – Natural stone accents
  • – Wall decorations from wooden branches or rope
  • – Flower vases made of ceramic or pottery
  • – Hanging lamps with natural materials (wood, rattan, etc.)

These natural decorative elements will make the kitchen feel warmer, more natural and connected to nature.

So, by adding these various natural touches, your kitchen will become more integrated with the surrounding environment and provide a calming atmosphere.

Functional minimalist appearance

Apart from materials, colors and natural elements, minimalist and functional philosophies are also important principles in nature-themed kitchen designs.

A minimalist concept will make the kitchen feel more spacious, clean and tidy. Meanwhile, functional principles will ensure that every element in the kitchen is truly useful and easy to use.

Several ways to apply minimalist and functional concepts, including:

Clean Cabinets and Shelves

Avoid using cabinets or shelves that have too many ornaments or details. Choose a simple and functional design, for example a cabinet with plain doors or open shelves.

Apart from that, try to store items neatly and orderly in the cabinet/shelves. Don’t let any items be scattered or piled up.

Essential Kitchen Equipment

When arranging equipment in the kitchen, choose only what is truly essential and frequently used. Avoid placing too much equipment on tables or counters.

You can store other equipment in a hidden cabinet or shelf. This way, the kitchen will look neater and minimalist.

Good Space Organization

Arrange the layout of the elements in the kitchen well, so that the flow of activities in the kitchen becomes efficient. Place equipment, foodstuffs and work areas within easy reach.

Apart from that, make optimal use of every corner and space available. For example, install shelves or storage on the wall to store items.
By applying this minimalist and functional concept, your nature-themed kitchen will look clean, orderly and easy to use every day.


So, those are various inspirations for nature-themed Nature themed kitchen design that you can emulate. Starting from choosing natural materials, calming natural colors, to direct touches of natural elements.

Don’t forget to apply minimalist and functional principles so that the kitchen feels neater, more spacious and easier to use. This way, you can create a kitchen that is not only beautiful, but also comfortable and at one with nature.

Good luck trying to create your dream nature-themed kitchen design!