Minimalist Kitchen Design to Create a Roomy

The use of minimalist kitchen design is a common choice to make the impression and appearance of the cooking room more spacious and spacious. The kitchen itself is one of the central rooms that usually exist in a residence.

The use of minimalist design in this kitchen can create a new change in the center of your home to be more beautiful and aesthetic.

Minimalist Kitchen Design to Create a Roomy Impression

Minimalist Kitchen Design Inspiration

You need to pay attention to some important things before changing the kitchen with a minimalist look concept. Starting from the layout of the kitchen tools to the size of the kitchen tools with the size of the kitchen itself.

That way, its use will not create a cramped and claustrophobic impression. Aesthetics is also an important thing that you need to pay attention to for this kitchen concept.

Some inspirations to design your minimalist kitchen look are as follows:

Kitchen with Open Shelves

The use of open shelves is a perfect additional element for a minimalist and modern kitchen design. This storage area for various kitchen utensils can create a spacious and cool impression in your cooking room.

If you use this shelf as a complement to a minimalist kitchen design, you should not place kitchen or dining utensils with striking colors. Displaying items in monochrome colors, such as white or gray, will make it look sleeker and more spacious.

Parisian Style Kitchen

Next, you can use Parisian style as the design of your kitchen. This design will stand out even more with the addition of wooden cabinets that have a minimalist and warm look.

This minimalist kitchen design inspiration generally uses the concept of wooden floors with a classic look. An additional outboard sink with an aesthetic appearance and a simple dining table set also complement the Parisian-style kitchen design.

Kitchen Design with Multifunctional Dining Table

Kitchens with this concept usually have a beautiful wood-paneled ceiling. The addition of a multifunctional table in the middle of the room, complete with additional shelves, certainly makes your minimalist kitchen look more concise.

You can use the table for dining or you can also use it as a table to prepare a dish. The shelves that complement it, you can use to store various kitchen utensils or cutlery so that the appearance of your kitchen feels more spacious and neat.

Rustic Kitchen Design

Classic is the choice of many people to complete the look of their minimalist kitchen. Generally, this concept carries an open and spacious appearance.

Usually only a few main appliances complement this kitchen design. These appliances include a sink, built-in kitchen cabinets and multifunctional shelves.

The concept of this design combines natural materials with irregular surfaces and natural lighting from wide windows and skylights.

Some of these minimalist kitchen design inspirations are perfect for your mini kitchen space. With these designs, your kitchen space will look more spacious and charming.